Bihar's Boy Ashutosh Journey From Rs 6000 Job to Business worth Crores in just 11 Months

Ashutosh Pratihast a boy from Bihar Sitamarhi who belongs with a middle class family just made crores in just 11 months

However,Ashutosh Pratihast was very mischievous behavior boy and the villagers were troubled by this boy at that time and they used to talk that he cant do anything in further future but we all know time changes everything

Ashutosh Pratihast father decided to bring him to Delhi  from village around 2005, where Ashutosh learned the true value of money in delhi

Later Ashutosh Pratihast father decided to send him assam for higher studies but the main problem Ashutosh faced there was the language barrier as Assamese was the dominant language there so he returned Delhi back after a year

Ashutosh Pratihast did many small jobs like working in Call Centre and doing local works so he can gather some money 

Later, Ashutosh Pratihast created "iDigitalPreneur" an educational technology platform in which he provides skills for personal and professional growth and where he teaches to how we can make money which was so affordable that everyone can easily assess to his program

This was the turning point for Ashutosh Pratihast after he created "iDigitalPreneur" from this platform he made multiple crores in just 11 Months and after this he also created his youtube channel and through his Youtube channel he is educating and inspiring more people to achieve their goals