8 things you should know before entering in crypto

8 things you should know before entering in crypto.

There are tons of things in crypto market, but we are not discussing that tons of topic in this post, in this post I am going to inform the top 8 things you should know before entering in crypto market.

We will basically know in this post that what are the available things we have in crypto market to do or what crypto market offers us.

Basis things we should know before are as follows: –

  • First Things is Obviously Coins: – If you are entering in crypto market and you want to trade then all the trading projects are referring as coins in which you will trade such as coins names are Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Binance(BNB) etc…
  • Second is Tokens: – Tokens and coins are basically same things but the only difference in tokens is that it only represents the tokens ownership and nothing else.
  • Third is Mining: – Mining acts as a reward for verify the transactions on blockchains, these are distributed to the ledger system who record all the secure transactions in a transparent way.
  • Forth are Exchanges: – Exchanges are the platform where you can trade buy and sell your crypto coins, basically exchanges are the medium from where we can trade, buy and sell, some exchanges names are Binance, WazirX, Zebpay etc…
  • Fifth is Wallets: – Wallets are the software where you can keep your cryptocurrency safe and you can also Trade, Buy and Sell, Send or Receive your crypto assets from your crypto Wallets
  • Sixth is Blockchain: – Blockchains are the layers of cryptocurrency, or you can also say it’s a crypto technology that powers cryptocurrencies.
  • Seventh are NFT’s: – NFT’s are kind of tokens which also represents the NFT’s ownership in the form of digital arts which you can also buy and sell according to the trend.
  • Eight and the last is DeFi: – Decentralized Finance which is also knows as DeFi is the financial system which is built on the top of blockchain technology which allows users to invest money, borrow money or to lend money without any need of central authority.

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The above article is the full basis of 8 things you should know before entering in crypto, If you have any queries regarding cryptocurrency, feel free to comment, our team will surely go through your queries and will reply to your queries.